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17 Oct , 2014,
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Astar Success Pte Ltd believes in idea.  Companies invest a lot in developing new products and finding ways to talk about them. So coming up with good ideas early in the process really is critical.

Opinions are important because they help shape our ideas. Reading is also important because we learn about other opinions and ideas in the process. We can’t form our own conclusions if we don’t read about other ideas out there. Ideas are important too. Without ideas, progress isn’t made, change doesn’t happen, much of human development stops.

It takes a lot of ideas to get a few viable ones that lead to true innovations. Most products fail because the ideation process starts with too few ideas – and selecting from an anemic pool of ideas invariably leads to bad ideas being selected for new products or product features.Many people are actually bad at coming up with ideas unless they can react to some sort of straw-man. If you want to tap those ideas as part of the process, you need to jump ahead and develop simple prototypes of existing ideas to capture the reactions and associated ideas from those people. Most idea management processes don’t allow for that. They have a commit phase before which nothing gets developed and after which everything is committed – no matter what other improvement ideas might come up.

Here in Astar Success Pte Ltd, we will help you create an idea, that will help the marketing process of each company achieving their goals.


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