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10 Tips For Rank 1 ST Page on Google

1 Aug , 2016,
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When it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google dictates the pace.

Google does not let people know what the factors are, however through a combination of

research, testing and experience, a good SEO will include one of the important ranking factor

namely On-Page SEO. It is also the driver for better rankings as well as successful internet

marketing campaign.

These are 10 tested techniques help to put your company in the lead during Google Search


1. Good Domain Name

It is advisable to have domain name, easy to type and remember. Your domain name is your

identity on the web; you want to make sure you choose a name that not only fits your business

but it also easy to find and promote. Domain names can be of any length up to 50 characters.

Avoid using numbers which are correlated poorly with rankings in Google


2. Top Level Domain (TLD)

It is recommended to use your country TLD extension for instance Singapore (.sg), Brunei (.bn)

& Austria (.at). All TLDs are maintained by the Internet Assigned Numbers authority. It helps

you to boost your local search ranking higher in your own country but it limits the global ranking

of your site.


3. Create XML Sitemap

A sitemap not only speeds up search engine indexing, but it also informs Google quickly about

any changes on your site. You can create the sitemap with the help of Yoast SEO Plugin for

WordPress and submit its URL to your Google Search Console.

While an XML Sitemap makes it easier for search engines to index your site, an HTML sitemap

makes navigation of your site easier, thereby helping you to enhance user experience, and

improve your search engine optimization.


4. Make Website Responsive

Google had updated the algorithms to favor responsive web design and mobile devices

friendliness as a ranking signal recently. Essentially, mobile-device friendly website has the

advantage, it tend to rank higher in search engine results and credibility that your customers will

more likely to spend time browsing and trust your products and services.


5. No Duplicate Content

Google Bots dislike unoriginal and duplicate content. It is essential to remove duplicate content,

to avoid losing search engine visibility. Duplicate content makes search engines’ task of

indexing web pages, checking alternative content for relevancy and assigning link metrics most



6. Relevant Keywords

  •  Content

The important of content and specifically the mechanics of the development, is of

immense important to SEO. Best practice include developing strong topical content can

help your site perform better in search. It is important to write content which has relevant

and engaging. Google likes updated content and rewards activity with higher search


  •  Heading tags, Description & Title For best

SEO results and improved ranking, it is important that you place your page’s best

keywords in Heading tags, Description & Title, to let search engines know what the page

is all about. However, make sure you do not spam or over optimize these areas by

stuffing keywords in them.


7. Heading Tags For More Traffic

When formatting your pages always have in mind the user experience. Can the user identify the

main sections (Heading 2 tags) of your post by looking at the page? It is essential to

understand the guidelines for formatting a page or post on your website, thus will boost your

SEO ranking

  • Use Heading 1 (H1) tags for the title of your post]
  •  Use Heading 2 (H2) for main headings of your post
  •  Use Bold and Italics to draw users attention
  •  Write small paragraphs
  •  Use Impact or Tahoma fonts
  • 12 point size that capture users attention

8. Optimize Your Images

Google Bots cannot see images as the result cannot index them. By adding appropriate ALT

tags, Google Bots can able to read the text which is associated with optimize images. It will

facilitate faster & accurate indexing, which in turn improves the accessibility and achieve better

rankings of your site on search engines.


9. Meta Title & Descriptions

An ideal page for Meta title is 60 characters to fix into 512 pixel display. The Meta Description is

150 characters for improving of quantity and quality of your search traffic. It is important Meta

Title and Meta Descriptions are conform to Google’s best practices. Using an appropriate

keywords helps search engines & visitors to know what your content page is about. The best

tool for WordPress is using Yoast SEO Plugin.


10. Latent Semantic Indexing

Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) is a part of the Google algorithm. LSI keywords are related to

the main keyword. Many of the search engines like Google use it to decide the link between

different entities of the web content and optimize the keyword density and helps Google to judge

the relevancy of an article, thereby increasing your site’s chances of ranking higher in the

search engine results. You may use FREE tools like Ultimate Keyword Hunter or Google

Keyword Planner to find LSI Keywords.